Solar for Farms & Agriculture

The microgeneration of electricity using solar panels for farms has been much promoted recently. Interest in investing in solar technology has risen sharply because the very real financial returns that can be reached, by generating and using your own power and reducing your costs.

In recent years, increasing electricity costs have added the escalating overheads affecting to farmers and the earnings of their businesses. It therefore shouldn’t come as any surprise that farmers and landholders in the world are starting to realise the potential of using unused roof space of solar panels for farm buildings or parcels of relatively unproductive land.

These can be perfect for solar PV installations to generate your own electricity, reduce power bills and potentially have an additional profit stream to support your business. In fact, there’s a lot of solar farmers already reaping the financial rewards from solar power.

Build a flexible operation by putting solar power into your harvest.

The Savings of Solar

Yields power your farm with low-cost energy generated on-site.

Intelligent Investment

Agricultural solar typically earns 18-24% rate of return with a 4-6 year return on investment.

Turn-Key Service

We handle everything from commencement to completion and provide ongoing monitoring and supporting.

Lock in predictable energy costs for decades to come with solar and storage

Adding solar and storage to your business can help shave peak energy usage, reduce demand charges, and lock in secure, predictable energy costs for decades to come. We assist you in designing modern energy systems that are more affordable, reliable and secure.

Ensure your operation with foreseeable energy expense

Solar power systems for farms and agriculture help lock in defended, predictable energy expense for decades to come.

We can help you leverage the power of clean solar energy to cut operating costs, improve profitability, and strength the stability of your operations.

Battery Energy Storage Service

Using solar and storage system can lock in the predictable costs for decades
Solar and storage can help your enterprise reduce the charges demand,shave the peak of energy usage and lock in safe,predictable energy cost for decades to come.
With our profession,we will help you design a more affordable,reliable,and safe modern energy system.

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We make solar easy

Zeoluff’s in-house design and service teams manage all aspects of our solar installations with professional engineering and procurement services.

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Got a question about solar power system with energy storage?

If you’re interested in understanding what renewable energy can offer your operation contact Zeoluff today.

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