Zeoluff Learning Center

Get the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in solar energy industry.

Learning Center:

Enhance your installation skills with better training resources

Gain practical up-to-date knowledge from a rich collection of instructional materials all in one place. Watch recorded e-learning courses and videos, or follow detailed technical procedures—for faster, cost-effective installations.

Training Courses Include

  • Principle and components of a solar power system
  • Design, installation, commissioning, and acceptance of solar power systems
  • Maintenance and repair of solar power systems
  • Safety and environmental protection of solar power systems
  • Applications of solar power systems
  • How to identify the components of the system
  • More courses…

At the end of the training, qualified certificates will be issued (the certificates will be jointly certified by Zeoluff and top component manufacturers).

After the Training, You Will Get:

Course Fee Refund

After obtaining a qualified certificate, if the student successfully installs three solar photovoltaic systems within three months, we will refund the full course fee paid by the student.

Student Referral Incentive

After graduation, we will provide free customer referrals and marketing incentives to help students expand their business scope and influence in the solar photovoltaic market.

Excellent Student Partnership Program

For outstanding students, we will provide an excellent student partnership program to collaborate with them in promoting and selling our products and services, and provide generous rewards and returns.

Annual European Market Customer Service Award Program

For the top three students with the highest number of European market customer service, we will provide special rewards, including an invitation to visit China for a study tour to learn about our latest products and technologies, as well as awarding honorary certificates and bonuses. In addition, we will cover all domestic expenses to provide students with a perfect experience and service.)

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