Solar System for Roof

Solar System for Pitched / Flat Roof

Embark on a journey towards energy sustainability with our meticulously crafted solar solutions, catered to three distinct roofing styles: Glass Tile, Color Steel, and Asphalt Shingle. Our professional-grade installations ensure a seamless integration that not only adds a touch of elegance to your roof but also maximizes energy efficiency. Experience substantial energy savings and unmatched cost-effectiveness. Choose Zeoluff for a future where cutting-edge technology meets responsible energy consumption. Elevate your home’s power potential today


Solar System for Pitched Rooftop​

Solar panels on glazed tile roofs

For Glazed Tile Rooftop

This system is mainly suitable for distributed glazed tile rooftop power plants, with strong adaptability to glazed tile roofs and low requirements for roof loads. Equipped with stainless steel hooks and aluminum alloy profiles, it is lightweight and easy to install. The hook is fixed on the wooden beam without damaging the tiles, ensuring a beautiful appearance. Convert sunlight into electricity, saving you a lot of electricity bills.

For Colar Steel Tile Rooftop

Zeoluff’s color steel tile roof photovoltaic bracket system has unique connection design, simple and fast installation, strong wind resistance, and can achieve installation without penetrating the roof structure. The original waterproof system of the roof will not be damaged. We have undergone rigorous calculations and testing, fully considering factors such as load-bearing, wind resistance, and earthquake resistance, to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

For Bitumen Rooftop

The asphalt tile solar power generation system operates stably and has low maintenance costs, which can reduce maintenance costs and extend its service life. The service life is relatively long, usually up to 20 years or more, reducing the trouble and cost of frequent equipment replacement. We adopt a modular design, which makes the installation process relatively simple and does not require special technology or equipment. We can customize the system capacity for you based on your roof area and monthly electricity consumption.

Solar System for Flat Rooftop

For Flat Rooftop

Zeoluff’s flat roof solar power generation system features sturdy and easy to install brackets, allowing the photovoltaic panels to form the optimal angle and achieve maximum power generation efficiency. You can also lay the photovoltaic panels flat on the roof according to your wishes, and the installation process is relatively simple. Not only can it save you electricity bills, but it can also reduce dependence on traditional energy, reduce carbon emissions, be environmentally friendly, and meet the requirements of sustainable development.

Customized for Your Personal Use!

Everyone’s house and electricity usage are different, so we will tailor a solar power generation system that suits you. We will design and provide a solar power generation system solution that is suitable for you based on your roof area, house structure, geographical location, solar radiation, difference in sunshine time, your household appliances, monthly electricity consumption, customer budget, and investment return expectations. And ensure successful installation and use.


This system includes: Zeoluff single-sided silicon module 550KWp, Solar inverter, power distribution box, battery storage unit, mounting bracket, cable, etc.

3.6KWP roof-mounted PV system together with energy storage

Position: Elphins Close Warrington, UK
Tilt of PV panels: 37 Degrees
System size: 3.6kWp
The annual power generation: 3254 kWh
Annual savings on business electricity costs: 1057 EUR

Certification and Standards

Our PV products comply with CE, IEC 61730, IEC 61215, SA8000 Social Responsibility Standards, ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Henlth and Safety, IEC TS 62941 Guideline for module design qualification and type approval and other standards.

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