Battery Energy Storage System

Zeoluff Battery energy storage systems are rechargeable battery systems that store energy from solar arrays or the electric grid and provide that energy to a home or business. Because they contain advanced technology that regular batteries do not, they can easily perform certain tasks that used to be difficult or impossible, such as peak shaving and load shifting.
Modern battery energy storage systems usually include a built-in inverter and computerized control systems. This means they’re all-in-one, turnkey systems that are simple to install, largely maintenance-free, and don’t require any effort or expertise from the owner. They’re also weatherproof and safe for people and pets.


Green energy, more efficient and environmentally friendly.
High energy density and small system footprint.
Modular battery design, easy to install and maintain.
Full size customized PACK with good mechanical safety.
High-strength metal frame, using welding process.
BMS has safety protection measures such as acquisition, control, and short-circuit protection functions to improve the safety function of the battery system.


Battery energy storage systems have a wide range of applications. Commercial applications include peak shaving, load shifting, emergency backup, and various grid services. Residential applications include self-consumption, off-grid homes, and emergency backup.

Opportunity--Transforming Our Energy Future

We believe battery energy storage systems will radically transform the way we interact with energy. They’ll make solar energy a no-brainer for many more homes and businesses, bring greater independence from traditional utilities, and open the door to a great diversity of energy options.

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