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Why To Be ZEOLUFF Installer?

ZEOLUFF is one of the most popular Photovoltaic products manufacturer in China. We focus on the PV power generation industry and has formed a complete industrial chain covering producing of solar panels, solar inverters, energy storage battery, PV mounting brackets, solar cables, etc.

As you have been our installer, you will get in touch with various solar installation projects and get our latest photovoltaic products with the most competitive prices. You also will have endless stream of new and regular customers.

Requirements To Become ZEOLUFF Installer?

  1. Experience in solar, roof, ground, electrical and related areas preferred.
  2. Electrical engineer, construction engineer and related qualifications are preferred.
  3.  Developing knowledge of the assembly, installation, or maintenance of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Benefits of Been ZEOLUFF Installer?

  1. Installers have nothing to lose. When the contract expires, we can take back the goods in the warehouse at the original price.
  2. All solar power components will be provided at cost price, and you can sell them for profit.
  3. Installers can provide installation and after-sales services for our customers and get paid from us for labor services.
  4. Installers can develop new customers for us and get paid.
  5. Installers can get potential customer resources from us, save marketing cost.

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