Solar Solutions for Public Sector

It is probably that he public organizations have more financial pressure than ever before.The opportunities of controling cost will be very popular in this situation.Now, more and more organization are considering to use public solar energy effectively to reduce the annual cost in order to increase the annual income

We design sophisticated solar energy and storage solutions to help governments and communities towards the future

Increase your budget

Using safe reliable and economy energy will reduce your energy operation cost

Realise the goal of sustainability

We handle all the things from start to finish and supply sustained monitoring and support

Obtain recognition

Make your project excellent in the clean energy leadership

Battery Energy Storage Service

We help communities and governments maximize the value of their solar power plants with configurable, intelligent battery energy storage systems (BESS) for a wide variety of applications.


Reduce or eliminate demand charges in the peak time with stored energy


Shift energy use through charging batteries on the solar and discharge in the time of expensive electricity fee


Keep your operations running during power outages.


Output of renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy


Smooth the output of renewable power generation sources such as wind and solar.


Provide reserve capacity, frequency regulation, and voltage control to the grid

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We make solar easy

Zeoluff’s in-house design and service teams manage all aspects of our solar installations with professional engineering and procurement services.

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Got a question about solar power system with energy storage?

If you’re interested in understanding what renewable energy can offer your operation contact Zeoluff today.

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