Cambodia off-shore island residential solar power and energy storage system

Residential solar power and energy storage system
Location: Sihanouk Gorong Salem Island, Cambodia
System: Complete PV storage plus diesel generator off grid system in off-shore island.

Project introduction

Function: supply electricity to the rooms and kitchens of local hotel respectively in off grid condition, saving high diesel power generation cost.
Project completion date: April, 2020
Configuration: 20kW PV, Zeoluff HES 40kWh (dual system)
Daily power generation: 85 kWh/day
Area size: 150m2
Facility: Zeoluff Invertor & HES
ROI: 40.3%


1. PV + energy storage system and diesel generator joint-power-supply.
2. High energy density, small system footprint.
3. Remote monitoring and maintenance with visual data.
4. Achieve self-sustainability via both PV and diesel powering system, ensuring sufficient electricity for resort hotel.

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