Cambodia Temple Residential Solar Power And Energy Storage System

Residential solar power and energy storage system
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
System: The Great Prajna Temple Project -the largest temple in Phnom Penh

Project introduction

Function: supply the electricity to Temple for daily use
Project completion date: Dec., 2020
Configuration: Zeoluff HES 24kWh×2
Characteristic: The lead -acid battery is replaced by lithium battery, which is divided into 380V system and 220V system to meet all the electricity needs of the temple and provide stable power output.
ROI: 22.1%


1. Replace lead-acid battery
2. Running in pure off-grid environment
3. High energy density, small system footprint⼩
4. Achieve Self-sustainability, ensuring sufficient electricity for temple.
5. Remote monitoring & maintenance

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