Machine That Runs And Lays Solar Panels in The Middle of The Rail Will Be Born

Swiss train is the lifeblood of tourism and transportation, and it is also one of the key points of tourism. But Swiss start-up companies think that the railway track is only occasionally passed by a train, which can also be used for other purposes at ordinary times. For example, why not put solar panels between the two tracks to generate electricity?

Sun-Ways, a Swiss start-up company, is developing a system dedicated to laying solar panels in the middle of the railway track. The whole system moves forward on the railway track like a train, and it will soon be covered with solar panels on the railway track, easy and fast. Of course, it should also have the function of rapid recovery, so that when the rail is repaired, the solar panel should be put away first, so as not to hinder the operation or be damaged.

For this matter, Sun-Ways cooperated with the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne to develop and manufacture specific solar panels that can be mechanically installed and removed between two rails, create a production plant, and the finished products will be laid on the rails of the Transportation Public Neuch telois SA. It is expected that the developed system will be available online in May 2023.

The specific solar panels are pre-assembled in the factory, and then loaded into the specific carriage. When moving on the track, the system will lay the specific solar panels connected together between the two tracks like a carpet. When the track needs maintenance and recycling, it will also be rolled back like a carpet.
Sunway believes that if the actual operation can go smoothly, Switzerland alone will have considerable potential business opportunities, because the tot al length of Swiss railway is 7000 kilometers. If all of them are covered with solar panels, they can generate considerable electricity. Sun-Ways also looks at the international market. There are 260000 kilometers of railways in Europe and 1160000 kilometers in the world. The company said that it has negotiated large-scale production with European and American investors.

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