Uganda Approved the Construction of A Crude Oil Export Pipeline Project of $3.5 Billion

The Ugandan government has approved the construction permit of an oil export pipeline of US $3.5 billion, which will be used to export crude oil to the international market.

Uganda’s State Minister of Information Godfrey Kabbyanga said in a statement that the application for the construction of the pipeline had been approved by the Cabinet, and the maximum crude oil transportation capacity involved in the 1.44 km pipeline was 246000 barrels per day.

The pipeline will transport crude oil from Kabaale Hoima in Uganda to the Chongol e an i Peninsula near Tanga Port in Tanzania. The project also includes the construction of a storage terminal and loading dock at Tanga Port.

The pipeline project will include the construction of six solar pump stations in Tanzania. TotalEnergies holds 62% of the shares of the project, while Uganda National Petroleum Corporation and Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation hold 15% of the shares respectively.

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